The hotels of Galloway offer similar services as big hotels in big cities. One of the most common things about hotels in Galloway is that they provide free Wi-Fi connection for their guests. Here are some ways you can use the free Wi-Fi service. Communicate You can use the free Wi-Fi service to communicate with your family and friends who are back at home. You can tell them about your experience and how much you are enjoying the holiday in Galloway. Do office work Not all people come here for a holiday. They also come here for business. Free Wi-Fi connection will help them toRead More →

Galloway is a good holiday destination. Every year more people are now coming to Galloway for a memorable holiday. The hotel business is booming, and you will find lots of good accommodation options here. We have found some of the top-rated accommodation options for you. Continue reading to find out where to stay when you visit Galloway. Glenmalloch Lodge This is a beautiful lodge and you will get wonderful views of the surrounding hills from here. It was initially built as a schoolhouse and later turned into a lodge. If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your significant other without gettingRead More →

When you go on a vacation, food becomes one of the most important parts of your travel. You look for restaurants serving good food. When you visit a new place, you must try the local food to get a different taste and flavour. When in Galloway, you must try out these foods. Haggis You must try haggis which is a traditional Scottish dish. It is made of oats and minced meat combined with various spices. You can get variations of haggis in different restaurants in Galloway. Cranachan This is a traditional Scottish dessert that is made with a special Scottish cheese called ‘Crowdie’, oats, cream,Read More →

Galloway lies on the south-west part of Scotland and to many, it’s an unexplored place. It’s a beautiful side of Scotland that most people don’t know about. If you are planning to visit Scotland soon, you must visit Galloway. Here are some places you can visit in Galloway. Kirkcudbright town It’s a picturesque town that is worth visiting. It has everything from art galleries, a harbour, cute cottages, and restaurants. You can spend a lovely day here roaming around the place and getting a sense of the Scottish small-town lifestyle. Kippford and Rockcliffe Have you been to a coastal walk before? Kippford and Rockcliffe’s isRead More →